Who we are

Who we are

We are a group of Professional traders in Financial Markets that created Elite Traders Group, a club where amateurs, entrepreneurs and professionals can share and interact within the same ecosystem by developing an Arcade that would support their investment and trading.

Pablo Ascarrunz Prinzo: Co-founder – Managing Director

Pablo has over 20 years’ experience in the Middle East in Corporate Finance and is a Co-founder of Elite Traders Group. He is also the CEO and Owner of Near Solution Consulting in UAE attending foreign and local companies in their establishment in the country as well as their finance and operations performance. Currently he also personally manages 4 independent family offices with investments over 15M USD.

Mr. Ascarrunz holds degrees in Business Economics and Business Administration from Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA. From 2002 until 2016, Pablo has been holding positions as a CFO for various European international companies operating in the Middle East and Africa Region, living in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India, and UAE.

In 2003, he became an investor and trader in FOREX and STOCKS primarily in the US Market as a part-timer. Since then, he has been increasingly involved in trading and investing in various asset classes, looking to expand his knowledge and experience, as well as applying it to its customers’ portfolios.

Pablo Ascarrunz Prinzo: Co-founder of Elite Traders Group
Gary Boyer: Co-founder of Elite Traders Group

Gary Boyer: Co-founder – Operations Director

Gary Boyer is a Co-founder of Elite Traders Group and has been an instructor since 2014 in UAE, bringing along a wealth of personal and professional experience as a trader as well as a portfolio manager.

Mr. Boyer has an extensive background in Corporate Finance, trading and hedging various financial asset classes and has completed two Masters Degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship from Bradford UK and EM LYON in France as well as a Master Degree in Financial Markets, International Trade & Asset Management in Paris. He has worked as a financial consultant for Gold Mining and Rose producing companies in Africa and has participated in underwriting an IPO with a listed company on Frankfurt Stock Exchange and became part of Millennium Partners Hedge Fund, managed by Erick Tripoli.

Later, Mr. Boyer was recruited by the Saudi Investment Fund Morood to build and expand the capital markets department, where he handled over $30M of capital market securities and 5M$ of private placements. Mr. Boyer was also responsible for managing Saudi Royal Asset funds, by creating a $10M Sukuk Musharaka and hedging a Saudi Equities Portfolio among others. During his career, he has developed relationships with Custodians, Brokers, Fund Managers, Fund administrators, and Legal services companies, to whom he has been providing advice and consultation.

Rohit Lahoti: Trading and Operations

Rohit Lahoti

Trading and Operations


Michael Crosby: Business Development Manager

Michael Crosby

Business Development Manager

Rajesh Kumar

Administration and Finance

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