Nand Kumar

"I am a firm believer that training is a never-ending process if you have a burning desire to excel. Training is only the first stepping stone to success. Training has made me understand the various terminologies, and trading strategies using technical, fundamental, correlation with various indicators, the impact of economic events, news, interpretation of data released as per Economic Calendar etc. Most of the trading sites will warn you of the losses and keep reminding you that 99% retail traders fail. But the quality of training strengthens your belief that through hard work, with months and months of practice, you can join the 1% elite group of successful traders. Initially, I started with one short course Jumpstart but looking at the quality of training I decided to take the full course at one stretch. Gary is quite experienced and has won awards as the Best Educator. He has no qualms in sharing his successful trading strategies through various illustrations on live markets. He indeed has a huge wealth of trading experiences. As a part of training, tremendous emphasis is laid on money management, risk management, mind management, psychology of trader. Through this extensive training it helps you to inculcate these habits which will transform you with a lot of positive energy and high level of confidence to get started trading with a live account."

Anant Divekar

"Gary Boyer is an excellent and dedicated teacher and a trader and has a very engaging personality. His passion and excitement to teach are undiminished even at end of a long day and it’s very inspiring to you. His real-life experience is what makes the difference to our trading."

Deepali Sanjotra

"I’m Deepali Sanjotra and I have done my graduation from Delhi University. I've been committed to professional trading for the last 6 months. The training received has helped me become profitable so far, strategies and materials provided are helpful and excellent. There are so many forex institutes in Dubai but Gary’s is best for forex trading. I think no other will provide this kind of teaching."

Shazia Khan

"The Training has been a real confidence booster. I came in here with no prior knowledge apart from what I have read myself through books or Online. After seeing the pace of the course and the general content of the course has really given me the confidence to be able to go out and start learning, applying what I’ve learned in trading. Hopefully, I want to build on what I’ve already learned and the long-term goal is to become a full-time trader so I can leave my current role and this will then be my future career. It should hopefully provide enough that this is my only source of income."

Talal Abu Issa

"The Trading Program definitely made me profitable, since I did my mentoring program in the middle of the Greek news, so I came out at the end of the 5 weeks slightly profitable which is extremely impressive considering the fact that I survived all that volatility. I started a rough patch, significantly in the negative so I’m quite proud of myself to see myself persevere and work through being in the negative and all the hard times in the market and coming out profitable in the end. And the 10 weeks that I’ve been here in this trader’s community, I already feel like part of the family."

Ajesh Pillai

"I have no Prior Trading experience. The Transparency, Course Content and honest approach attracted me to learn to trade online. Gary has been an amazing trainer. He has provided me with a lot of trading knowledge. He is clear, concise and patient. I had no problem asking questions repeatedly and receive a genuine and comprehensive answer. I like his flexibility and teaching style."

Moufid Ayoubi

"Trading is POWER as I call it since it provides the trader with the self-sufficiency that all of us dream of and moreover it allows for a bold financial independence, provided that, trading is treated as a profession and executed as per professional standards. There is no doubt that the program has empowered me both on personal and professional levels. It has all the right ingredients to bring the best out of anyone who is contemplating to be a professional trader. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to be part of such state-of-the-art trading floor where I currently manage my own wealth by trading spot FX. Despite being a Chartered Market Technician since 2002 and having an 11-year investment banking career on my plate, the learning curve that I personally developed at this program is a parabolic one. The result is great benefits on both my trading psychology and my technical trading skills."

Ejaz Mohammed

"These training sessions have been extremely interesting, it was an eye-opener. I think it’s an easy way to accelerate the learning curve. If I had to learn all this information on my own, it would have taken a lot longer. So I’m grateful to this institution for actually teaching me a lot faster. That’s the biggest gain. I saved a lot of time. After I did the course, I came to know how I could incorporate risk management strategies into my trading process."

Tom Parks

"Done trading as a hobby on the side and then just wanted to take it up full time and give it a go basically, and therefore I started this course. So far so good. Training gives you the basis to make high probability trades which is the most important thing and that has become the basis of the structure you build on. How you take that and how you grow that yourself, to fit your personality – I think is the most important thing, That is something that can’t be taught, as it is very much an individual thing. But the course itself has given me the tools and platform I need to become profitable."

Rashmey Seth

"After a very fulfilling career in the corporate world from which I took a break to pursue other personal interests, I was looking to occupy myself gainfully for a few hours every day. Amongst various options, I decided to explore Trading Online which also gives the freedom from geography, work hours and most of all total self-reliance with immediate results. Critical to my success was re-skilling myself with formal training from the best in a class of highly successful Traders themselves - and I signed up their 5 weeks theory followed by another 5 weeks of Bootcamp of hands-on training on a Demo Account. I have recently gone Live (trading with my own real money) and I hope to make a success of this. Being a part of the trading fraternity, it also gives me the opportunity of Continuous Learning from my peers and other experts as well as the support of Gary Boyer."

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