Financial Markets Trading Program

Full Programme Duration: 4 Weeks, 12 Evening sessions & Workshops


This programme explores the world of trading, introducing the role of a trader, the specifics of the foreign exchange market and its participants. Students who have completed this programme will be able to critically analyse price action using behavioural analysis, understand the fundamentals driving price movement, and how to use technical tools to perform a transaction. The module will combine these methods in order to appreciate the market dynamics required to take more informed decisions. Participants will be able to apply the principles in practice through regular workshops while trading on simulators.

This syllabus introduces financial markets and the foreign exchange as an asset class, and provides deep learning of four essential pillars:

1. Strategy: Students will learn how to define, implement, test and execute a strategy
2. Money Management: How to minimise risk during a transaction
3. Risk Management: Proven methods for enhancing profits during a transaction
4. Mind Management: Students will learn about their emotions, how to manage them and build a strong conviction muscle

Finally, the programme provides the tools to trade manage any profitable or adverse trading situations, but most importantly, to stay in control of trades at all times.


Upon programme completion, participants will be able to:

  • Analyse the role and responsibilities of different market players.
  • Analyse price action and understand where to operate a trade using fundamental, behavioural and technical analysis.
  • Plan and execute strategies, applying them in the relevant context (using multi time frame analysis).
  • Identify trade opportunities assessing risks and returns.
  • Money management – how to plan and anticipate all possible scenarios before and during.
  • Risk management – how to transact and manage several positions on various currency pairs.
  • Understand the importance and impact of news and economic releases on current trades.
  • Control emotional bias and minimize trading mistakes.
Who Should Attend?

This course is relevant to beginners, non-professionals or professionals looking to acquire a solid understanding of trading in Financial Markets , whether they are looking to build a secondary income source as a part-time activity, or to fully commit as a full-time proprietary trader, broker or asset manager.

Prior Knowledge

Minimum knowledge of the world of economics and a passion to discover the world of trading financial markets.

Detailed Outline

A detailed outline is available on request, or you may contact us to sign up for one of our free programme presentation sessions at ADGM Academy.

Course Content

Module 1

Become a Trader:

  • Intro to the World of Traders
  • Intro to Financial Markets
  • Forex Introduction and workshop
  • Understand Market Price Action
  • Market Behavioral Analysis
  • Market Technical Analysis

Module 2

Trade like a Pro:

  • Advanced Technical Analysis
  • Advanced Behavioral Analysis
  • Money Management / Risk Management
  • Building a Trading Strategy
  • Application of Trading Strategy
  • Trading Psychology